Cigre membership is in two forms, Collective and Individual. Refer to the Cigre website for further details about the benefits of each category and its sub-categories, which include receiving quality industry magazines, access to Cigre brochures, discounted rates at conferences and participation in local Regional Advisory Groups (RAGs) , Working Groups, Study Committees and Advisory Committees. Every Cigre member is affiliated to a National Committee, and this is the route for joining Cigre.


For all, engineers, specialists, academics or researchers Cigre provides a unique opportunity for personal and professional development:

• Develop and share your technical expertise;
• Access international expertise and leading-edge techniques;
• Up to date information on the latest technology and industrial techniques;
• Tap into industry trends;
• Meet your peers;
• Understand international approaches to the environment, legislation and regulations.

With Cigre membership, you will build your industry profile, better promote your company, and develop your professional network.’


Collective members consist of legal entities, administrations, public or private companies of industrial and/or commercial character, scientific organisations, research institutes, educational bodies, etc.,
Cigre fosters professional and technical development in many ways:

• Learn about global issues and perspectives;
• Be part of a unique network;
• Understand different cultures and know-how;
• Access a wide range of technical information at a reduced price.
• Technical expertise in one of the 16 specialist Study Committees and 250 working groups
• Techniques from 90 countries
• Legislation and regulations through Cigre Technical Brochures
• at a reduced price through our e-CIigre portal

Cigre contributes to the personal and intellectual development of all its members. With Cigre membership your company will benefit from a higher international profile and visibility within the electrical power industry.